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Krieger, Dolores. (1993). Accepting Your Power to Heal: The Personal Practice of Therapeutic Touch. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Bear and Company Publishing

This book teaches the basics of TT, discusses how human energies are used in healing, and gives examples of specific uses of TT.

Macrae, Janet. (1988). Therapeutic Touch, A Practical Guide. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

This book provides basic instruction on TT.

Wagner, Susan. (1996). A Doctor's Guide to Therapeutic Touch. New York: The Berkeley Publishing Group

This book includes an overview of energy and ideas about healing, an overview of TT, and some specific uses of TT from a physician's perspective.

Krieger, Dolores. (1997) Therapeutic Touch--Inner Workbook. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Bear and Company Publishing

This book goes beyond the basics of TT and discusses chakras, prana, and other energy concepts in more depth, with an emphasis on the personal growth of the TT practitioner.

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Therapeutic Touch: A Video Home Study Course for Family Caregivers

By Janet Quinn, RN, Ph.D., one of the major researchers and trainers of TT. This 60-minute instructional video is designed to give basic instruction in TT.

Therapeutic Touch: Healing Through Human Energy Fields

A 3-video training series hosted by Janet Quinn, RN, PhD
(expanded version of above video)

Video I--Theory and Research
Video II--The Method
Video III--Clinical Applications

Both videos available from: Janet Quinn @ 303-449-5790

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Therapeutic Touch

This 4 1/2-hour (3 cassettes) program and photo-illustrated study guide by Dolores Krieger, RN, PhD, summarizes the TT technique, and gives beginning exercises to help you learn and experience TT.

Available from:
Sounds True Catalogue
P.O. Box 8010, Dept. W10
Boulder, CO., 80306-8010



Basic Therapeutic Touch

This interactive multimedia program provides basic instruction on TT, and addresses such issues as; energy and energy fields, assessment and treatment, the impact of TT on one's life, plus much more.

By Sylvia Weber, MS, RN, CS

Produced by:
Two Hawk Productions
24 Colonial Way
Rehoboth, MA 02768


CEU's available.

More TT audiotapes and books
TT Bibliography
Directory of TT providers, teachers, support groups around the world

And much more...........

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