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Holly's Holistic Health Services
Services Available

Holistic Health Services
Provided by Holly
In Culver City, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas


Assessments, consultations and treatments

Stress management and relaxation training

Holistic health assessments

Assistance with management of anxiety

Help with the management of acute and chronic pain

Help managing the treatment of cancer and other serious illnesses

Helping terminally ill persons and their families obtain services, cope with emotional issues, and deal with the dying process in a healing way

Treatments include:
-Therapeutic Touch
-Guided imagery
-Individual counseling
-The use of sound, music and aromatherapies
-Other appropriate healing modalities
-Assistance with accessing services from other holistic providers
-Family assessments, care coordination, information and referral to community services

Specialized services for persons having surgery

Assessments of emotional, energetic, and spiritual needs related to upcoming surgery (usually 1-3 weeks before surgery). May include:

-Individualized pre-operative treatment plan providing emotional, energetic, and spiritual preparation for surgery (usually 1-7 days before surgery). May utilize a variety of complementary health care treatments such as Therapeutic Touch, guided imagery, stress management, relaxation training, acupressure, Reiki, psychotherapy, aromatherapy, music therapy, meditation and other appropriate healing modalities

Holistic post-operative support to include:

-Post-operative holistic health assessment
-Individualized post-operative treatment plan
-A variety of complementary health care treatments as listed above


Services for agencies, organizations, health care facilities and other groups

Staff in-services on a variety of holistic health and management related topics

Group instruction in holistic practices including Therapeutic Touch, guided imagery, and other integrative healing modalities

Family assessments, care coordination, information and referral to community services

Development of individualized holistic health treatment plans, in collaboration with patient, staff, and family when appropriate

Staff 1:1 or small group stress management and relaxation training and treatments



$75/session in West LA Area(Travel time and mileage added for other areas)


$200 for 2-hour session (Includes textbook and video)$100/hour for further 1 hour sessions


Available at Touch Therapy Institute in Encino, and at other sites upon request. Fees vary by site and group size.

TT Classes


Fees vary.

For an appointment or more information contact Holly.

How to contact Holly


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